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What's New in Cutter's World?

If you're a fan of Cutter—and you've read all the words he knows and you've looked at all the photos—this is the page to visit (over and over) to see what he's been up to recently.

Cutter's 7th Birthday Celebration
For his 7th birthday (May 21, 2006) Cutter hits the beach at Long Pond and then hikes the steep slope to the fire tower on Beech Mountain, Acadia National Park. Sporty harness by Ruffwear

11 August 2009
Marc and I found another way to honor Cutter's memory. We read about a young lady who collects donations to fund Pet Rescue & Resuscitation Oxygen Masks and donates them to Fire Departments and Rescue Squads nationwide. At PetMask.com you, too, can make a Sponsorship Donation and choose your local department as recipient.

29 May 2009
A very kind man named Jeff sent a message telling me about his beloved ridgeback Ginger who had passed away February 4, 2008. He wanted to know what happened to Cutter, since he looked fine in my last photos of him. In replying to Jeff, I realized it was a story I was ready to tell all of you who have visited his site over the years for comfort, silliness, and good ridgeback fun. You might need to grab a tissue to read about Cutter's last days. (Or maybe that's just me.)

9 March 2009
He's gone. We loved him so much. There are many more photos to add, so many more Cutter stories to tell. And movies—precious movies of our perfect boy. One day I will be able to update here, but for now, in his memory...

13 June 2008
Cutter's found a new favorite on the web (added to his Stats page). Remember Chris Farley's "Fat man in a little coat"? Cutter is big dog in a little car, now that he rides a Mini. Pooch Style is THE place to go if your big dog wants to be super-comfy motoring in the Mini. (Thanks, Juliana!)

6 June 2007
Cutter's name was mistaken for a new one yesterday, when someone asked "What's his name?" (added to his Stats page). I took this opportunity to update the food he eats on that page, as well. This spring, a rise in a kidney value we've been monitoring indicated we should cut down on his protein a bit, so we switched Cutter to a senior diet and added in some fresh veggies. Cutter agrees this was an excellent decision. There's no longer any waiting around at meal-time to see if the ingredients will improve (perhaps by an egg or cookie)

1 November 2006
Cutter has a new Favorite Website (added to his Stats along with some more Favorite Walks). We call it California Dreamin'. And the ever-expanding Vocabulary of a Dog has some new entries today.

26 October 2006
Will Cutter be wearing a costume for Halloween? (Michelle from Texas wanted to know, but Cutter's reply to her bounced back as undeliverable at the email address she left for him.) So for all you wondering, How about it? here is his reply: "So far, I've made it through 7 Halloweens without a costume, so the chances aren't good. BUT, in these parts, at this time of year, I'm always dressed festively in my bright orange scarf so no hunters mistake me for a deer—after all, I am that color. (I'm wearing it in the crate right now!) If I *did* wear a costume, I think I would like to dress up like my orange gorilla."

7 July 2006
Cutter's picked up a few more words—check out Vocabulary of a Dog.

14 February 2006
Well, it finally happened. Cutter's little-dog toy, 'Rilla, met his demise this evening. He lasted several months and participated in many rounds of dogplay. But tonight, he met his match—a dog with cabin fever and a lot of patience and energy. R.I.P. 'Rilla.

12 January 2006
Thank you to all the Cuttercam "visitors" who wrote in to tell Cutter his camera was messed up yesterday. We had a brief view of the floor, his water bowl, the door, a shoe—all while Cutter's Mumma was rearranging her office and figuring out how to mount the camera without having anything to mount it to. (She settled for screwing it to the window-trim, just outside the crate. Had to remove the crate's door, but that's okay. We never used it anyway.) Check out the new view!

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