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Treasure Island Adventure

Labor Day Weekend, 1999. Frannie & Gerard joined us for a weekend sail to Treasure Island on Penobscot Bay. It's a place of special meaning for me, one of the rare anchorages remembered from my childhood, sailing the coast of Maine. By twist of fate, I ended up working with a woman whose family still owns the island. As we became friendly, and she learned about my sailboat and my past, we realized our families' connection. Marc & I favor Treasure Island as a destination for weekend overnights.

Gerard and Marc return from a scavenging expedition along the shore—the makings of a made-up game in hand

Let the games begin...

It appears Gerard has scored

The island holds many wondrous gifts...

...some hidden in the woods

(And speaking of hiding...)

"Hi, Mumma"

Home, safe and sound (not so sure about that sailboat)


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