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Summer Fun with Pearl & Moxie

Here they are, at it again. In early July, Cutter needed a big reward for all his patience hanging around the boatyard. Day after beautiful day, any spare moment, there he was, hanging out on his mat while we were sanding and painting. So as soon as the boat went in, we called these guys. "Cutter needs some fun!" And then, more fun—Dawna surprised us one Friday afternoon with an invitation to the beach! (Definitely beats hanging around at the boatyard varnishing the mast.)
Lawn photographs by Dawna, mostly

Release the hounds!

Kisses for Moxie

Wait a minute... Who's the big dog?


(Fix yer ear, boy)

Things deteriorate

It's a new day and we're at the beach!

You guys are the retrievers

Everybody's smiling. This must be fun

Cutter checks out his surroundings

I call him Zen Dog
(he kept wading around, slow-motion, with seemingly no purpose)

Once again, things deteriorate

Thank you for such a relaxing day


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