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Summer Sailing Adventure

August 22-27, 2000. We cruised Penobscot Bay, exploring and monopolizing the anchorage at Treasure Island. It rained some, and fog hung around. But mostly it was what it was meant to be.

Cutter's still a little perturbed about the whole heeling-boat thing. He'd be way happier if there was a more level way of getting here

Perfect day for relaxing with Dad

Our sentry

"What was that?"

"That camera thing, *again*?"

"Do we really have to do this now?"


(He's never been too keen about have his picture taken)

My beauty

Exploring Lawrys Island...

We love the scent of junipers in sunshine

Island roses and Vinalhaven through the fog

Our anchorage (and that heeling machine)

Puppy-fit in long-grass...

It was a perfect adventure


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