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Pearl's Winter Vacation

February 28-March 2, 2001. Dawna & Reggie took a trip and left their Pearl-girl with us for a few days. (Remember Pearl?) Cutter's an office-dog, so Pearl became one, too.

"Mumma, can Pearl come out and play?"

"Bored bored bored"

"Pearl, wanna play?"
"Yeah yeah yeah..."

"...let's play!!!"

And play...

...and play...

...and "Zzzzzzzzzzzz"

And chew...

...and chew...

...and "Zzzzzzzzzzzz"

"Am I getting away with this?"

"I can't hear you"

"*My* bed"

"Quiet at last"

"Whatcha doin'? Sleepin'?"

Watching the boy

Beautiful Pearl

"When's she coming back?"


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