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Car-Camping at Ocean Wood

Our sister-in-law, Chris, had the great idea for the "siblings" to get together for a little camping at Ocean Wood (Birch Harbor, Maine) with all our significant others. It was Cutter and Dylan's first time camping (Barkley's, too?) and suffice it to say, we want to go back. Minutes from Schoodic Point, we explored the shore and found a hidden hiking treasure. We also, of course, spent plenty of time holding down lawn-chairs by the fire.
First photograph by Chris

"Why are all these people in my house?"
(Some of us gather the night before—Cutter senses an adventure)

A nice spot on the sea wall. It sets the tone

Exploring onshore...

Fascination with the movement of the tide...

Not into swimming with Barkley

Personality of a Breed:  Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

(Today's Quiz)

On Sunday's hike, Dylan keeps an eye out for fast-moving dogs

Mountaintop view from one Acadia to the other

The hiking party focus on Dave & Marie

Cutter focuses on Barkley

Getting tired of the camera

The end


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