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Cutter Visits Andy's Camp

July 24 & 25, 2003. We visited our good friends Andy & Sue at their camp on Lower Unknown in Township 4. Andy & Sue's dogs, Jed & Bodi, are always the attraction for Cutter—whether we're at camp, at our house, or visiting their home in Northbridge, Mass. (Jed was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society and Bodi from Boxer Buddies Rescue.) On this visit, the weather didn't cooperate, but the rain let up briefly to allow for these photographs. Dog play, of course, occurs rain or shine.

Stalking Bodi (and his stick)

Makin' a move

Bodi's not into sharing

Bodi's *still* not into sharing, but now Jed's here. Maybe he'll play

Sandface and Jed

Trying to kill a mosquito

"What's down there?"

That looks a little risky

He looks like he's done this before, doesn't he?

This was only Cutter's second canoe-ride and it won't be his last (Mom & Dad both went on the first ride, so no photographs exist)

What's next?

"Let's play ball"

Jed's the only one who wants to go deep

Taking a breather...

...but not for long

"Whadduh ya mean, 'It's time to go?'"


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