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Construction Supervisor

In November, 2001, we built the much-dreamed-of deck in Appleton, to Marc's design. Always wanting to be by our side, Cutter did what he does best: supervise.

A before photograph, taken May 4, 2001

We started by staking out the corners and stringing a line to decide how we wanted to lay it out...

...and slid the string up the stakes to try to simulate the level of the deck, so we'd know about how it would look in all dimensions

Here we are at the joist stage. You can see the ledger board, far left, that we had to first fasten to the concrete in order to give us something by which to attach the deck to the house

And here's the view around the corner (so where's the Super?)

Ready to start laying down the deck boards...

...around the corner, too...

This shot shows where the built-in bench will be, set out from the center of the side deck

(Finally!) Lookin' good—the deck and the Super
(here he sports his hunter orange, given the season)

"Where are the laborers? Time's a-wasting"

It's a tough job—not only do you have to supervise the workers, you have to keep an eye out for bugs


A trial run...

...and a spot inspection

Looks like we finished in time
An after shot, taken December 21, 2001

It was a rewarding way to spend our November (and we owe much credit to the book Building and Designing Decks, by Scott Schuttner)


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