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In the Beginning...

Born May 21, 1999, Cutter is our first dog. We met his litter at five weeks, then returned to choose him from the three remaining males when they were 8 weeks old. He was one of two orange-collared pups. We bonded with him on our very first visit.

Sophie, Cutter's mom, with her healthy litter (11 pups)

The only image we have of Cwazi, Cutter's dad, described by the breeder as "a big, red, African dog."

Photos sent to us before our visit show a mysterious orange-collared dog struggling to climb up the step, as if to say, 'Get me away from these puppies, I belong with the humans'

Bonnie's son helps socialize the pups

Okay, this is a tough one. Both orange-collared dogs do what Cutter does best

Litter mates at 5 weeks

More litter mates, but that's not Cutter in orange, we don't think

This is more like the Cutter we know and love

Marc bonds with orange-collared boy

We return at 8 weeks to take home a pup. Here,the breeder and Marc supervise play. We hung out with the three males for about 45 minutes, watching them interact, trying to choose...

An early lure-courser in the making

These two guys were inseparable

We picked this sweetheart

Making friends before the long drive home



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