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Cutter at Work

Cutter and I are enormously lucky (and grateful) to be able to spend all hours of the day together—including the hours at work. It all started the week after we brought him home, in July 1999. I had taken a few days off to help him get used to his new home (and me) and to begin his crate-training. But when our time was up, I wasn't ready to leave him. I called Brian and asked if it would be okay to bring him to work with me "until he's all crate-trained" and that was all she wrote. Now, on the rare days when Cutter plays hookey with Dad, invariably Val or Brian (or I) will remark how weird it is around here without him—it just doesn't feel right.
some photos courtesy of Brian

In front of Dog and everybody, we want to thank Brian from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this great gift every day. Thank you, Brian.

At the old building, where we spent his first four years
(Does that rug look disheveled and chewed?)

Cutter tries to tempt me from the back room
(this photo is taken from my office)

The typical end-of-the-day pose
(his internal clock tells him when it's time to go)

"Do you want to play now?"

"What about now?"

Must be 5 o'clock

Job responsibility: box shredder

A job well done

A nap well earned

Quiet moment in the crate

If it's sunny and he's not in his crate?
Check Brian's office

The new office doesn't measure up in the sunbeam department

"You call this a sunbeam?"

Cutter stands by his work—what used to be a rope-toy birthday present from Brian


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