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Cutter at Home

Here he is in what we think is his favorite place (evident by the wagging tail every time he returns).

With Dad and Mumma, Christmas Eve 2000

"Where'd that squirrel go?"

Springtime 2001...

Dad must've been here...

"Play with me"


...then Fall

Happiness is a warm bed. Spring 2002

Ever feel like you're being watched?

Sunbeam in the guest room

Hanging out, waiting for someone to play

Umm... Same as above

Pretending not to want to play


I think Dad's pickin' on you

Heading up the walkway to his field

Ah, the smell of grass...

...on a crisp fall morning

A typical winter weekend

Enjoying a Chippie


More happiness. Spring 2004

First photo with Mumma's new camera, May 2004

Second photo with Mumma's new camera (photo by Dad)


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