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Old News
One Day At Lunch Break
A look back at what was once new...

5 December 2005
Cutter's Mumma has been very in tune with him since his surgery this past Thursday. Unwilling to re-focus now that we're back at work, she makes the following updates to his site: New words learned, added to Vocabulary of a Dog. Updates to the Vital Statistics page—among other things, Cutter has lost a little weight and this summer we moved his healthcare to a (wonderful) new vet. Edited A Day in the Life to reflect the changes to our workday since moving back to the new (old) building in Glen Cove. Removed all the sailboat-for-sale notations, now that Midnight Blues has sailed off on her next adventure (thank you, good-bye, and good luck old friend). And finally, spruced up the Home page a bit.

6 April 2005
The Cuttercam is back, in its new (old) location.

31 March 2005
The Cuttercam shuts down for a few days, temporarily, while the 3IP office moves to its new (old) location.

8 March 2005
A few quick updates to the Vital Statistics page until we can make time to load up some winter adventure photos

17 August 2004
New photo-essay added to the Photograph page:
Summer Fun with Pearl & Moxie

16 August 2004
Cutter's Mumma submits two photos to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, hoping to win a spot for Cutter in their 2005 RR Calendar. Here are the contenders (we sent in #1 and #4 and they both made the cut)

28 July 2004
Cuttercam.com gets a new page: What's New in Cutter's World  •  And how could we add new stuff without also adding a page to put the new stuff when it's no longer new? Archives, we call Old News (You're on it!)  •  And what the heck? New navigation color: orange

23 July 2004
Cutter hates spam, so his Mom put up a SPEAK! form to replace his email link on the site

11 June 2004
A Day in the Life, an essay detailing Cutter's typical day, is added to Cuttercam.com

June 2004
New photo-essays added to the Photograph page:


Vermont Vacation II
Let's go to Lincolnville!
Cinco de Puppo
Car-Camping Adventure
Couch Art


Crate Art
Dogs Love Trucks

May 2004
New photo-essays added to the Photograph page:


Construction Super
Spider in the Crate!


Wrasslin' with Moxie
Lunch Break at Clam Cove

October 2003
Cuttercam.com is finally "finished!" All kinds of Cutter photographs and interesting(?) commentary on the life of a dog—or something

Cuttercam was built—not in a day (no, far from it), but slowly, over the course of my first four+ years working for 3IP

(good dog)
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